Writers’ Guidelines

Please Query First:

If you love lesbian movies and you have a talent for writing, we’re always looking for movie reviews (regular and mini), features and interviews.

Before you write for us:
1) Please read our Writers’ Guidelines and a few of the reviews on our site.
2) Send us a sample of your work and tell us which film you’d like to review or the topic of your feature or interview.
3) Please state that you have read our guidelines and some of our reviews. You don’t need to previously published, but if you have, let us know.

Word Count:
Regular reviews – 300 to 450 words.
Mini reviews – 125 to 250 words.
Features and interviews – 350 to 500
News and Notes – these are typically written in-house, but if you have a news item that pertains to the world of Lesbian Films, please send your story (or press release) and contact information to the email above.

Voice, Editing, and Style:

Generally, we want third-person point-of-view reviews (avoid “I” statements); however, we do make exceptions. We strive to maintain the author’s voice, but we do edit for spelling, grammar, clarity, and style. We may also add links to your piece to direct readers to certain products or more information.

We use the AP Stylebook, and we highly recommend that everyone read Strunk & White’s, The Elements of Style. It’s a quick, informative read that will help you with anything you write.

We accept material on an on-going basis, but once you have committed to writing on a particular topic, we ask that it be completed within 30 days. Some special feature material will require a specific deadline. These deadlines will be discussed when we respond to your query.

What We Need for a Review:
The review (see Review Tips – MS Word doc)
Short Take
Your star rating
The L Factor
Your bio

Feel free to download our Movie Review Form (MS Word doc)

Short Take:
Sum up the movie in one sentence.

The Lesbian Factor (L Factor):
Please tell us how much lesbian content is in the film using the categories below.

Lesbian Film – major lesbian character and lesbian theme.
Examples: The Kids are All Right, Personal Best.

Minor Lesbian Content – minor lesbian character; may or may not be involved with main theme. Examples: Paul, Dim Sum Funeral.

This also includes films about historic lesbians, especially if the lesbianism is slighted or ignored. Examples: Amelia, The Runaways.

Female/female kiss (or sexual content) – usually between non-lesbians. Examples: Black Swan, Almost Famous.

Subtext – hidden, implied, or un-mentioned female/female attraction or lesbians. Examples: Johnny Guitar, Morocco. ”

Gender Bender – contains females dressing as men, or female-to-male transgender content Examples: Yentle, Year of Living Dangerously, Boys Don’t Cry, Becoming Chaz. “

General GLBT interest – includes general GLBT/queer content, especially documentaries. Examples: Milk, Before Stonewall, Trembling Before G-d. ”

Miscellaneous – movies about the film industry, tough chicks (straight or not) and anything else unclassifiable. Examples: American Grindhouse, Aliens.

Your Rating and Stars:
Part of why people come to Lesbian films is to know if they should watch a particular film, so be sure to tell us if you liked the movie and why or why not. Also, please tell us how many stars you’d give the film; from 1 to 5 stars.
One star means it sucks.
Two stars = not so good.
Three = ok (more good than bad).
Four means you liked it a lot.
Five stars is the best you’ve seen.
You can also have half star ratings (like 3.5).

Your bio:
If you would like this information to be included at the end of your review, please send a two to four sentence biography. Include things like where you are from, what you do and why you are interested in lesbian films. You may also include a link back to your personal or project web site*. You may also send a small photo or headshot.

*Back link is subject to approval. (In general, no pages promoting alcohol, tobacco or drugs, or derogatory treatment of others, but we reserve the right to reject any link).

Publishing Rights:
Authors retain full rights to their works. However, as a courtesy, if you re-publish a piece after it has appeared on our website, please mention that the work was originally published on the Lesbian Film site with a link to our home page (http://www.lesbian-films.com). Lesbian Films will not repost or use your article or reviews in other forms or venues without express permission from the author.

Each contributor will be given a short bio (with optional photo) on the review page. Contributors will also be able to include a link to their project or webpage (upon approval) within their bio. After you have contributed at least five reviews, you may be listed as a contributing writer. Over time, regular reviewers may have the opportunity to receive free movies to review.