Who created this site and why?
This site is the creation of Angie B (abqbeach), with a little help from her online friends. The site sprang from Angie’s love of the movies and her desire to share information about lesbian movies and where people could actually find them to watch.

What is your star rating system?
It’s pretty standard. One star means it sucks. Two stars = not so good. Three = It was ok. Four means we liked it a lot. Five stars is the best we’ve seen.

What is the L-Factor?
Since Lesbian Films covers a wide range of movies — from movies where lesbians are front-and-center, to films where our existence is a mere ghost of an idea — we wanted to give readers a quick way to tell if a movie is a “lesbian” movie (with major lesbian characters and plot). Other attributions in this category include ……

Hey, this movie isn’t about lesbians!
There are several reasons we cover movies that aren’t strictly about lesbians. Some are general GLBT-interest/ gay rights movies. Some movies are about the film industry and give insight into how and why lesbians and other women are portrayed the way we are on film. Also, sometimes you just don’t see the lesbians (such as in Hays code-era Hollywood). They are cleverly in the shadows or standing center-stage in a tuxedo, masquerading as a straight-woman. Plus, some movies have tough chicks that lesbians just like to watch. (Can you say Sigourney Weaver in Aliens?)

But cross-dressing and transmen?
We try to represent a broad-range of “other” ways to be. Lesbian Films covers films with female to male cross-dressing. Cross-dressing is a long-standing film device. It can mean a number of things from disguise and deception to power and escape. It’s also been used to mask queerness or poke fun of social mores.

We also include films about other gender rebels including, bi-women, bios, undefined queerness and Transmen. We do knowledge that transmen identify as male from the get-go, but their stories often include a stop over in lesbian-land, “passing,” or at least an awkward period of trying to be a girl.

But movie “xyz” is missing!
The Lesbian Film collection has more than 2,500 films in its collection at this point, plus a database of close to 2,500 more titles – so not every film is going to be listed. Mostly likely, we will get to your favorite film in time. But if you have a tip or suggestion, don’t hesitate to let us know.

I made a film that I would like you to include on the site.
You are welcome to send us a screener copy of your film. Please contact us for more information.

How can I write for you?
We are always looking for well-written movie reviews and features. Please see our Writers’ Guidelines more more information.

Where can I get the movies you list?
Most of the movies can be rented or purchased from affiliate links, right on the review page. We use vendors, like Wolfe Video and Amazon and Netflix. If a film is available from more than one source, we try to use GLBT-friendly vendors first, then nationally-known companies. For a comprehensive list of how you can buy, rent and watch these films, please see Ways to Watch.

How is the site supported?
Lesbian films was created a a labor of love, with most of the reviews and site development done by our tiny staff. Other reviews and features were graciously written by film fans like you. However, we do have expenses and we pay for them via our affiliate links and adversing sales. We also gladly accept donations, and private funding.