Lesbian Films is a collection of original movie reviews, summaries and film features that chronicles lesbians, tough chicks and gender rebels in the movies.

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Our Staff

Angie B. (abqbeach) has a very large collection of lesbian-related films and started lesbian-films.com in 2005 to share information on movies and where to find them. She is especially interested in historical films, gender ambiguity in Chinese films, art house films, and pre-code lesbian subtext in the movies. Originally from small town Indiana, she now makes her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. By day she makes a living as a small business manager and internet marketer. She can be reached at info@lesbian-films.com.


 You. Yes, you. Your are a film fan with an eye for lesbians in the movies. If you want to write for us, we’ll be glad to look at your stuff. Send a query and a writing sample to info@lesbian-films.com.