Our Rating: ★★½☆☆
L Factor: Lesbian Film
Short Take: Simple lesbian romance set in Sweden
Alternate Titles: Kyss mig
Year: 2011
Duration: 105 min
Language: Sweden/Swedish
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Alexandra-Therese Keining
Writer: Alexandra-Therese Keining
Starring: Ruth Vega Fernandez, Liv Mjönes, Lena Endre

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Kiss MeIn what promises to likely be one of the bestselling lesbian dvds of the year, Swedish writer/director Alexandra-Therese Keining’s Kiss Me is Sweden’s first lesbian film to appear since Show Me Love in 1998. It centers on a love story between stepsisters Mia (Ruth Vega Fernandez) and Frida (Liv Mjönes), who meet for the first time at a wedding party for their respective parents. The spark is instantaneous, but an additional obstacle is Mia’s upcoming marriage to her fiancé Tim (Joakim Nätterqvist) and Frida’s relationship with live in girlfriend Elin (Josefine Tengblad).

The two women fall in love, and both angst and joy ensue on the way to a happy ending. The strongest characters and dialog belong to parents Elizabeth (Lena Endre) and Lasse (Krister Henriksson), who conflict over dealing with the sexual orientations of their daughters. Much of the movie centers on the themes of guilt and decision making about cheating on current partners, although the love between the two main characters wins in the end.

Unfortunately, the film felt rather cliché and flat, and the sudden melodrama to wrap up the story did not fit with the tone of the rest of the production. There are also some very noticeable framing, lighting and camera movement choices that did not work, calling too much attention to technique.

Still, many viewers enjoy Kiss Me for its simplicity, a basic girl meets girl romantic drama (of which there are far too few!). The soundtrack is also available for download. (AB)