Our Rating: ★★½☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian characters
Short Take: Mary (Dawn French) and Angela are a lesbian couple who run the post office and a small shop in a tiny Cornish coastal village.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 2002
Duration: 30 min
Language: UK/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Starring: Anne-Marie Duff, Dawn French, Catherine Tate

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+Alt Tags+Dawn French, the woman of size known as half of French and Saunders, or The Vicar of Dibley, plays Mary Trewednack in ‘Wild West.’ She lives above the post office in the Cornish coastal village of St. Gweep with her neurotic partner Angela (Catherine Tate). Says French, ‘I relished the chance to play a gay woman because I think it’s about time gay female couples can be as ordinary as any other couple on the telly.’

Mary and Ang are just two of the odd characters in town, running the post office and a tiny store in which they have no problem selling stolen merchandise that washes up on the beach. Their best friend is Holly (Anne-Marie Duff), who manages the local Museum of Witchcraft, and they’re all friends with the guys down at the pub and the local fishermen.

The show only lasted for two seasons, and it is a quirky British comedy with some good laughs. One sometimes disturbing aspect of the series is the lust both Mary and Angela have for men, on the prowl for a newcomer, apparently ready to shove the other aside for a good man. They often seem like the bisexual stereotype of ‘lesbians until something better comes along,’ but they never do actually leave one another. Says Mary, ‘At first we only slept together because everyone else in the village was taken. As the years go by, the feelings grew to quite a big love.’ The two end up snug in bed together in each episode. (AB)