Our Rating: ★★★½☆
L Factor: Lesbian Film
Short Take: Amy’s husband is away fighting in World War I when she meets Jenny. She must eventually choose between her husband and the woman she loves.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 1976
Duration: 85 min
Language: USA/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Paul Bogart
Writer: Harvey Perr
Starring: Katharine Bard, Pamela Bellwood, Barbara Cason, Nan Martin, Tim Matheson, Frances Lee McCain, Stephanie Retsek, Maxine Stuart
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The War Widow This television play first aired on PBS back in 1976, and its writer received an Emmy. Most likely, this is the first lesbian romance seen on tv in the US. Amy (Pamela Bellwood) lives with her mother and young daughter while her husband is away fighting in World War I. She’s bored with life and acknowledges that she doesn’t really miss her husband.

Along comes Jenny (Frances Lee McCain), a photographer and independent woman who shows Amy what life can be when they become friends and work on photography projects together. Jenny, a lesbian, falls in love with Amy, who is scared and eventually must choose between a husband returning from the war and moving to New York to be with the woman she loves.

Very low key, slow paced romance, limited to hand holding and hugs. It is currently out of print. (AB)