Our Rating: ★★★★½
L Factor: Minor lesbian content
Short Take: Jerri is a former hooker and ex-addict in this crazy television comedy about a woman who goes back to high school at age 46.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 1999
Duration: 22 min
Language: USA/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Starring: Paul Dinello, Stephen Colbert, Greg Hollimon, Deborah Rush, Amy Sedaris, Larc Spies, Orlando Pabotoy, Maria Thayer, Sarah Thyre

Strangers with Candy Trailer

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Strangers with Candy

‘Hello, I’m Jerri Blank, and I’m a 46-year-old high school freshman. For 32 years I was a teenage runaway. I was a boozer, a user and a loser. My friends were dealers, cons and 18 karat pimps. But now I’m out of jail, picking up my life exactly where I left off. I’m back in high school, living at home and discovering all sorts of things about my body. I’m finding out that though the faces have changed, the hassles are just the same.’

Comedy Central’s absurd ‘Strangers With Candy’ is one of the funniest television shows around. Amy Sedaris  plays Jerri, who describes herself in the show’s opening. She’s a former hooker and ex-addict with very few boundaries, including those having to do with sex, and the inside of her locker is plastered with pictures of both naked men and women. As Jerri tells another student, ‘I like the pole and the hole.’

In episode two, Jerri and schoolmate Tammi (Maria Thayer) are paired to look after a baby together. Jerri slips into the ‘daddy’ role, calling young Tammi over to her hotel room for a good time. Two of their teachers, Mr Jellineck (Paul Dinello) and Mr Noblet (Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report) are also having an affair.

Jerri is quite fond of commenting on the tight asses of her fellow female students, but she most often goes after teenage boys for sex. It’s been called a warped after school special in which Jerri always learns the wrong lesson. A very weird show, full of politically incorrect humor! (AB)