Our Rating: ★½☆☆☆
L Factor: Minor lesbian content
Short Take: A woman submits to bondage of all kinds and has sex with anonymous men and women to please her boyfriend.
Alternate Titles: Histoire d’O
Year: 1975
Duration: 105 min
Language: France, West Germany, Canada/French and English
Director: Just Jaeckin
Writer: Dominique Aury, Sebastien Japrisot
Starring: Corinne Clery, Udo Kier, Anthony Steel, Jean Gaven, Christiane Minazzoli, Martine Kelly, Jean-Pierre Andreani, Gabriel Cattand, Li Sellgren, Albane Navizet, Nadine Perles, Laure Moutoussamy, Henri Piegay, Alain Noury, Florence Cayrol

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Story of OO (Corinne Clery) is a woman who will do anything to please her boyfriend Rene (Udo Kier), and she follows his every demand and desire. She submits to bondage of all kinds and has sex with anonymous men – because she is Rene’s possession. Explicit whipping and branding scenes. Lots of female nudity.

This is evidently a soft core classic, based on the erotic book of the same name. The film also includes brief images of sex between women, in one case because O is told to seduce another woman and in another because O is made to whip another woman, and then makes love to her after comforting her.

Very fake kisses between the women. All in all, not a pleasant watching experience for me. Very het sex dominated and all about men’s possession and physical power over women. It was groundbreaking for its time for the S&M footage, but there’s little for lesbians here.

Available in French or in English dubbed versions. (AB)