Our Rating: ★★★★☆
L Factor: Major lesbian content
Short Take: This sex education film from the 1950s addresses ‘unnatural relationships’ between girls.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 1953
Duration: 24 min
Language: USA/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Starring: Lorne Greene

Social Sex Attitudes in Adolescence Trailer

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Social Sex Attitudes in AdolescenceWatching sex education films from the 1950s can be a real hoot. Some on menstruation advise girls not to ride horseback or square dance! The Educational Archives: Vol. 1: Sex & Drugs includes short films on the dangers of marijuana, the perils of heavy petting, and the difference between boys and girls, in addition to the joys of menstruation.

One of the shorts, Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence, addresses ‘unnatural relationships’ between girls. Narrated by Lorne Greene of Bonanza fame, the film follows Bob and Mary as they meet, fall in love and marry. ‘Good sex adjustment began for Mary when she was young.’ But when she was a teen, Mary developed a strong friendship with Lucille. Mary’s mother found their ‘continual intimacy and concentration of affection’ unnatural. Next Mary had a crush on the senior girl’s tennis champion. Not to fear, the film explains that this was just a stage between the antagonism towards boys and falling in love with boys.

Phew, Mary’s next crush is on a boy, so she turns out to be normal after all. Bob also has very masculine interests, so he is normal too. Eventually after dating others, all ends well with wedding bells for Mary and Bob, who both have a healthy relationship toward one another as man and woman 🙂 (AB)