Our Rating: ★★★★☆
L Factor: Lesbian Film
Short Take: Two teens carjack a woman and force her to drive them to her remote cabin.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 2004
Duration: 97 min
Language: Canada/English
Director: Cassandra Nicolaou
Writer: Cassandra Nicolaou
Starring: Michelle Nolden, Kett Turton, Gabriel Hogan, Allegra Fulton, Katharine Isabelle, J. Adam Brown

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Show MeThere are times when a film really surprises you with its quality, and this is one of those occasions. Show Me combines the edge of a thriller with emotionally compelling characters and performances. The two female leads, one a teenage cutter from a broken home and the other a woman setting off for what seems like a romantic tenth anniversary trip, are both complex and unpredictable.

Sarah (Michelle Nolden) is stalled in city traffic when two young window washers carjack her at knifepoint and force her to drive to her remote cabin in the Canadian woods. Jenna (Katharine Isabelle, Ginger Snaps) and Jackson (Kett Turton, Gypsy 83) aren’t quite sure what to do once they arrive, but they tie Sarah up.

The next several days reveal secrets and lead up to an unexpected conclusion. In this case, letting you know much about the lesbian content would spoil some of the plot twists and turns. (Suffice it to say that seduction at knifepoint is not a component.)

Give this one a watch. It’s new and different in the world of films with positive lesbian characters. (AB)