Our Rating: ★★☆☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian characters
Short Take: Psycho lesbian killer story set in San Francisco.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 1996
Duration: 101 min
Language: USA/English
Director: Gavin Wilding
Writer: Jonas Quastel, Michael Bafaro
Starring: Brooke Langton, Sarah Buxton, Gordon Currie

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+Alt Tags+Can’t get enough of psycho lesbian killers? Then Listen may be the film for you!

Sarah (Brooke Langton, Kiss the Bride), her boyfriend Jake (Gordon Currie), and her best friend Krista (Sarah Buxton) all live in different apartments in the same building in San Francisco. Sarah is having trouble with her cordless phone and discovers that she is able to listen in on a neighbor’s conversations. The guy likes to call phone sex lines, and Sarah begins to really enjoy getting off while eavesdropping.

It turns out that Krista just came back from a year recovering from a nervous breakdown brought on when Sarah broke up with her. Sarah says she still loves her, but wants children. Thus Jake fits the bill, but when there’s a psycho lesbian around with a crazy look in her eye, Jake should have known better than to pressure Sarah to remove Krista from her life.

Soon the phone sex operators begin turning up dead, and Sarah and Krista are working with the police to find the neighbor who is calling. Is it the building super, the guy who bothers Sarah in the elevator, even Jake himself? Unfortunately, I guess the cops never noticed that Krista is more than a little unstable.

You’ll have to settle for a used vhs of this movie in the US, but it’s on dvd in the UK. (AB)