Our Rating: ★★☆☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian content
Short Take: A murder suspect seduces the female police detective in charge of her case.
Alternate Titles: Nu huan
Year: 1999
Duration: 82 min
Language: Taiwan/Chinese
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Yen-ping Chu
Starring: Nga Ling Cheung, Ka Mei Ching, Miho Nomoto
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Well, Lady in Heat is certainly a title to get your attention. This is a collection of three erotic short films from Taiwan, the last of which features a lesbian relationship. (The first focuses on a woman who tests bathtubs to get a rise out of the salesman, and the second on a married man who has an affair with his landlady.)

Young Liu (Rebaca Chang) is a woman who likes to have rough sex with her elderly lover. He ends up brutally murdered, and she is the number one suspect for the detective in charge of the case (Miho Nomoto). The two women make love or frolic on the beach for most of the film’s forty minutes. In a Basic Instinct kind of way, the detective never knows if she’s with a killer or not.

The only reason to watch this is for the erotica, but it’s nothing too special. On a funny note, the wind machines are very noticeable, even when the women are indoors. (AB)