Our Rating: ★★½☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian content
Short Take: Sex farce comedy with a lesbian twist. Stars Annabeth Gish as a woman who leaves her husband for another woman.
Alternate Titles: Sex, Love and Lies
Year: 2004
Duration: 93 min
Language: USA/English
Director: Greg Lombardo
Writer: Greg Lombardo, Neil Turitz
Starring: Scott Cohen, John Stamos, Annabeth Gish, Paulina Porizkova, Michael Leydon Campbell

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KnotsDave (Scott Cohen, Kissing Jessica Stein, Gia, King of the Jungle) and Greta (Annabeth Gish, Gillery’s Little Secret, ‘The X-Files’) are married New Yorkers with a sex life that’s lacking. After they go out on a double date with a friend, Dave comes home soon afterward to find Greta in bed with Lily (Paulina Porizkova, Female Perversions), their friend’s date. Greta explains that there’s something that’s been missing for quite a while, and that something might be a woman.

Dave goes to Lily’s office in a rage and ends up sleeping with her, a woman who describes herself as omnisexual. Greta has no idea that Lily also sleeps with Dave on a regular basis. Eventually Lily is done with both Greta and Dave, and she goes on to sleep with Cal (John Stamos), another of their friends. Although she thought Lily was her girlfriend, Greta realizes that she is a lesbian, regardless. She and Dave end up friends in the end.

Other portions of the film deal with Dave’s friends Cal and Jake (Michael Leydon Campbell) and their competing relationships with women.

Your basic sex farce comedy with a little lesbian twist. (AB)