Our Rating: ★★★☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian content
Short Take: Housewives Denise and Adria drop their husbands off at the airport – and then the fun begins. Dykesploitation classic.
Alternate Titles: The Dark Side of Tomorrow
Year: 1970
Duration: 84 min
Language: USA/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Jack Deerson, Barbara Peeters
Writer: Jack Deerson
Starring: Elizabeth Plumb, Alisa Courtney, John Aprea, Wayne Want, Marland Proctor, Luanne Roberts, Elizabeth Knowles
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Just the Two of UsAlong with That Tender Touch, this 1970’s dykesploitation classic is one of the first releases in the Wolfe Vintage Collection. Housewives Denise (Elizabeth Plumb) and Adria (Alisa Courtney) drop their husbands off at the airport for their military assignments – and then the fun begins.

They observe a lesbian couple at lunch holding hands and kissing in the car, prompting longing in Denise and quite a curiosity in Adria. With the older Denise taking the lead, the two become lovers themselves and spend their out of bed time frolicking at the amusement park, mini golfing and horseback riding.

But eventually Adria gets bored of their relationship and starts dating Jim (John Aprea), a man they meet together at the Santa Monica Pier. After breaking it off with Denise and telling her they must only be friends now, her former lover is left to try to forget her sorrows. Denise finds herself stoned at a party and having sex with the hostess (Elizabeth Knowles) on top of a pool table – until she freaks out and runs, thinking only of her love for Adria.

In an unusual twist for a film made in the 1970s, Adria and Denise actually walk off together again in the final shot. (AB)