Our Rating: ★★½☆☆
L Factor: Minor lesbian content
Short Take: Jiminy Glick reviews films at the Toronto film festival. Janeane Garofalo plays a lesbian.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 2004
Duration: 90 min
Language: USA, Canada/English
Director: Vadim Jean
Writer: Martin Short
Starring: Martin Short, Jan Hooks, Linda Cardellini, Janeane Garofalo, John Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Trebor

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood Trailer

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Jiminy Glick in LalawoodThe character of Jiminy Glick originated on ‘The Martin Short Show.’ Encased in a fat suit, Short plays Glick, a small town entertainment reporter. He gets his big chance when sent to cover the Toronto Film Festival, so Glick, wife Dixie (Jan Hooks) and their two sons pack up the car.

Through a twist of luck, he meets a number of celebrities, including Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise, The Hunger), Sharon Stone (If These Walls Could Talk 2, Basic Instinct) and Whoopi Goldberg (Boys on the Side, The Color Purple).

One of the films he reviews is The Queens of Africa, a remake of The African Queen, only with two women and a lesbian love story. Glick interviews lead actress Miranda Coolidge (Elizabeth Perkins, If These Walls Could Talk 2) and then gets messed up in the investigation of her murder.

In a relatively small role, Coolidge’s assistant Dee Dee (Janeane Garofalo) is a lesbian and sleeping with the actress’ daughter Natalie (Linda Cardellini). For Xena fans, Robert Trebor (Salmoneus in ‘Xena’) also shows up for a few seconds of screen time. There are a few funny moments, and more that are on the edge of funny, but just not enough. (AB)