Our Rating: ★★★½☆
L Factor: Lesbian Film
Short Take: While a Secret Service agent saves the US Vice-President, she and the Press Secretary fall in love. Stars Mariel Hemingway and out lesbian Jill Bennett.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 2006
Duration: 89 min
Language: USA/English
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Writer: Sherry Adamo, Paula Goldberg
Starring: Mariel Hemingway, David Keith, David Millbern, Jill Bennett, Robbie Magasiva, Stuart Devenie, James Gaylyn, Alison Hofer, Paul Dzenkiw, Jesse Hutch, Sydney Jackson, Patrick Kake, Rene Naufahu, Lee Tuson

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In Her Line of FireThe action hero has been a staple in lesbian fiction in recent years, and In Her Line of Fire finally brings the tough chick who saves the day and gets the girl to the screen. Unfortunately, the low budget production struggles through some unsatisfying special effects, plot points and secondary character acting. On the other hand, it’s like many other action-related television movies … and those don’t have lesbian characters. Just enjoy this one for what it is!

The story opens as a plane carrying US Vice President Walker (David Keith) goes down near a remote South Pacific island. Among the survivors is Lynn Delaney (Mariel Hemingway, Personal Best, Manhattan), a Secret Service agent and former Marine. When rebels capture Walker for ransom, it’s up to Delaney to get him and press secretary Sharon Serrano (Jill Bennett, The Pleasure Drivers, We Have to Stop Now) out alive.

With strategic stealth at times, or guns blazing when required, she is able to hold her own in hand to hand combat with much larger men, and eventually outwits the mercenaries. Along the way, Delaney and Sharon share two kisses.

This is not a romance, which may be a bit of a disappointment, but two characters who happen to be lesbians and find one another in the midst of a fight for their lives. Hemingway is convincing as she handles weapons and looks tough, and Bennett is sexy as the stubborn woman who comes through when she needs to. It’s a bit of fun and full of action. (AB)