Our Rating: ★★★☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian content/Gender Bender
Short Take: Jorge tries to figure out if he might be gay in this comedy set in Madrid. His roommate Marta is bisexual.
Alternate Titles: Me da igual
Year: 2000
Duration: 98 min
Language: Spain/Spanish
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: David Gordon
Writer: Gustavo Fuertes, Alvaro Gallegos
Starring: Fernando Cayo, Alejandro Cano, Maria Jurado, Alvaro Gallegos, Begoña Hernando
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I Couldn't Care LessPoor Jorge (Alejandro Cano). He’s trying to work on a new book, but there’s a loud drunk out on the street, and his roommate Marta (María Jurado, Bloody Mallory) is enjoying an exuberant sexual encounter in the next room. Somehow concentration is difficult to the tune of ‘Eat me, eat me!’

After the cute woman who shared her bed leaves, Jorge seems to be concerned with Marta’s sexual identity. She comes home with both hot guys and girls. Is she bisexual? Does she mind if people think she might be a lesbian? As she walks around in the nude without a care, Marta isn’t worried with what other people think.

It turns out that Jorge’s issue is really with himself. Straight up until this point, he has begun to find himself attracted to men. He flirts with Alberto (Álvaro Gallegos), whose partner passed away a few months ago, but he’s never quite sure if that’s what he wants.

Ines (Begoña Hernando) does want him and offers to role play as a man in bed if that’s what Jorge needs. He’s still not sure about all kinds of things in life and love and if they really matter. Unfortunately, Marta moves in with Mario (Fernando Cayo), an abusive coke addict, looking for a traditional husband, but in the end, both she and Jorge are back enjoying life in Madrid with few labels. (AB)