Our Rating: ★★☆☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian character
Short Take: Campy drag queen movie starring Quentin Crisp and Lea DeLaria. Their town is controlled by the gay mafia.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 1998
Duration: 92 min
Language: USA/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Sara Moore
Writer: Sara Moore
Starring: Quentin Crisp, Lea DeLaria, Stephen Sorrentino, David Fenley, Emil Herrera, Michelle Hutchison, Daniel Alexander Jones, Barbara Kingsley, Grant Richey, Lynn Sain, Tim Tucker, Sara Moore
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Homo HeightsI’ll start with the good things about this film: 1) Quentin Crisp (Orlando) is grand in one of his last performances; 2) The film is a jumble most of the time, but Lea DeLaria (‘Further Tales of the City,’ The First Wives Club, Outlaugh!) is a bright spot of balance, with a good performance; 3) If you really enjoy campy drag queen movies, you will probably find something here to like.

The town of Homo Heights is controlled by the gay mafia, headed by a drag queen known as Maria Callous or ‘The Donna’ (Stephen Sorrentino). She’s ruthless and has Malcolm (Crisp), a local gay legend, under her control and trapped in her house.

Cab driver Clementine (DeLaria) is a friend of Malcolm’s and helps him escape with the assistance of more drag queens and other friends. As a side plot throughout the movie, she is a one night stand kind of gal, but pines for her one true love, Stella (Lynn Sain). Stella won’t have anything to do with her and is currently dating Blanche (Michelle Hutchison), a rather obnoxious woman who drinks too much. Out of nowhere, Stella turkey bastes herself into pregnancy, causing Blanche to leave her. Of course she must then run into Clementine’s waiting arms.

All of this has little to do with the gay mafia plot. I really had difficulty getting through this one. (AB)