Our Rating: ★★★★½
L Factor: Lesbian Short Film
Short Take: Twenty years ago, Gillery left her small hometown. When she and her girlfriend return, she is confronted by a teenage girl who seems to know all about her.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 2006
Duration: 25 min
Language: USA/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: T.M. Scorzafava
Writer: T.M. Scorzafava, Ali Vali
Starring: Annabeth Gish, Allison Smith, Julie Ann Emery, Jeanette Brox, Timothy Brennen, Edward James Gage

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Gillery's Little Secret Twenty years ago, Gillery (Annabeth Gish, ‘The X-Files’) left her small hometown behind in search of a life beyond its limitations. When she returns home for her 20th high school reunion, she is unexpectedly confronted by Blake (Jeanette Brox), a teenage girl who seems to know all about her.

To answer Blake’s questions, Gillery must reflect on her long lost love, Bernadette (Allison Smith), and both women are forced to deal with the choices made all those years ago. Gillery’s partner Abbie (Julie Ann Emery) is by her side throughout.

This is a top notch short with a great cast. As expected, Gish is impressive as Gillery. The original story was written by Xena uber fanfic and lesbian fiction writer Ali Vali. (AB)