Our Rating: ★★★★☆
L Factor: Lesbian Film
Short Take: A quirky coming out family comedy set in 1969 Belgium.
Alternate Titles: Que faisaient les femmes pendant que l’homme marchait sur la lune?
Year: 2000
Duration: 98 min
Language: France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland/French
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Chris Vander Stappen
Writer: Chris Vander Stappen
Starring: Marie Bunel, Hélène Vincent, Tsilla Chelton, Mimie Mathy, Macha Grenon, Christian Crahay, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Michel Israel, Jacques Lavallée, Marie-Lise Pilote, Mario Saint-Amand, Jean-Luc Van Damme

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Family Pack

It’s July 1969 in Montreal. Odile (Macha Grenon) and Sacha (Marie Bunel) are arguing because Sacha is not yet out to her mother, and Odile is tired of pretending. She moves out to give Sacha time on her own to come out to her family, or she’s leaving for good. This finally kicks Sacha into taking a trip back to Belgium, where she also comes clean about the fact that although the family thinks they have been sacrificing to support her while she is in medical school, she actually quit long ago.

What she finds is that the members of her family like to live without facing reality. They don’t discuss anything of substance with one another, and all have secrets. Her mother (Hélène Vincent) has breast cancer but has told no one else. Her father (Christian Crahay) is hiding the family’s money problems, and her grandmother (Tsilla Chelton) reveals that she’s still looking for the traveling salesman from Paris who promised to return for her one day long ago.

Sister Elisa (Mimie Mathy), a little person, believes she is adopted and has been secretly searching for her birth mother. She is finally able to let go of her resentment for Sacha.

It’s a portrait of a family full of quirks, and in the end, they all love and understand one another so much more. And Odile? She arrives for a happy ending as well. Although a coming out tale, the focus of the film is on family relationships. (AB)