Our Rating: ★★☆☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian characters
Short Take: This gory zombie movie includes a makeout scene between a female werewolf and vampire. A mysterious object allows its owner to raise the dead.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 2003
Duration: 87 min
Language: Canada/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Brian Clement
Writer: Brian Clement
Starring: Masahiro Oyake, Hiroaki Itaya, Bettina May, Moira Thomas, Chelsey Arentsen, Chantelle Adamache, Chuck Depape, Denys Melanson, Rob Nesbitt, Scott Bisgrove, Kitten Coquette, Morgan Alexander, Craig Allen, Scott Beaty, Spencer Blochlinger, Mikel Boeur, Stephan Bourke, Denise Brown, Wendy Clarke, Josh Clarkson, Brian Clement, Chris Cowley, Jeremy Deighton, Mark Hubber, Andrea Hume, Ira Hunter, Bryn Johnson, Rei Kido, Gerry Kramer, Sarah Kramer, Dave Krawchuck, Brad Kurushima, Aaron Lachapelle, Bin Ling, Steve Migliarese, Stuart Palfrey, Josh Pasnak, Cam Pipes, Dustan Roberts, Mike Selman, Gina Sharma, Hailey Shiels, Jay Stewart, Robin Thompson, Chris Tihor, Troy Tompkins, Pati Tozer, Theodore Trout, Martin Wales, Jay Walls, Yuichiro Yoshibe

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ExhumedThere are a ton of low budget horror films that throw in a little lesbian action. This gory zombie movie includes a makeout scene between a female werewolf and vampire. Three stories set in different times and places are connected by the use of the same mysterious object that allows its owner to raise the dead.

First, in feudal Japan, a samurai (Masahiro Oyake) and a monk (Hiroaki Itaya) both seek the artifact. The monk wishes to keep it away from evil doers, and the warrior has been sent to bring it back to create an army of the undead. To get to it, they must go through a forest of zombies. Will one of them make it out alive?

Next, a detective (Claire Westby) is on a case in this 1940s film noir segment. The woman (Moira Thomas) she is following turns out to be involved in a series of US grave robberies, working for a man who served the Japanese army during WWII. He is now conducting experiments in an effort to rule the world.

And finally, we’re in a post-apocalyptic United States, where humans are at war, and mutants roam. The army captures Zura (Chantelle Adamache), a werewolf, and Cherry (Chelsey Arentsen), a vampire, and throws them into a pit to fight zombies, gladiator style. After they’ve made love in their cell, the two are subjected to experiments using the artifact, but their captors don’t count on the fact that when they mixed their blood during sex, both became even more powerful.

Lots of cardboard acting and bloody special effects. Only worth watching if you are a genre fan, although the Japanese segment isn’t bad. (AB)