Our Rating: ★★★★☆
L Factor: Major lesbian content – 6 episodes
Short Take: A forensic anthropologist and FBI agent team up
Alternate Titles:
Year: 2005
Duration: 60 min
Language: USA/English
Starring: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor, Eric Millegan

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Bones was a popular US crime drama about the working partnership between “Bones,” an analytical forensic anthropologist (Emily Deschanel) with few social skills, and Booth (David Boreanaz, Buffy, Angel), an FBI agent, as they solve murders involving what is usually just skeletal evidence. One of the key supporting characters is Angela (Michaela Conlin), a specialist in facial reconstruction.

Angela is bisexual, and the storylines of three episodes include her relationship with a woman. She does hook up with men throughout the series, including Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne), an entomologist in the lab. Angela’s character is half Chinese, as is the actress herself.

104 The Man in the Bear
Air date: November 1, 2005
Booth and Bones work the case of a human hand found in the stomach of a black bear. A female overnight package deliverer flirts with Angela.

109 The Man in the Fallout Shelter 
Air date: December 13, 2005
A 50-year-old skeleton is found in a fallout shelter. Sawing the bones open releases a potentially life threatening fungus, trapping everyone in the lab in quarantine during Christmas. Angela jokes with Bones that she might kiss her under the mistletoe.

215 The Bodies in the Book 
Air date: March 14, 2007
Bones publishes a mystery novel, and it looks like someone is copycatting those murders. One of the victims is her publicist, Ellen Lasko (Valarie Pettiford), a closeted lesbian who is African-American.

Bones’ boyfriend Sully (Eddie McClintock) jokes that when she was on “The View” talking about her book, Rosie had a little thing for her.

407 The Skull in the Sculpture 
Air date: November 5, 2008
A skull is found in a crushed car, and it turns out to be that of an unconventional artist. One of the suspects is the artist’s assistant Roxie (Nichole Hiltz, In Plain Sight, May), who was Angela’s girlfriend back in college. Angela still has feelings for her, although she was the one who ended it years ago. The two women share a kiss at the end … and maybe the beginning of something more.

Booth also reveals in this episode that his aunt is a lesbian and that she and her partner used to take him to baseball games as a kid.

409 The Passenger in the Oven 
Air date: November 19, 2008
Booth and Bones are flying to China to analyze ancient remains. On the way, a body is found in the plane’s oven. Bones does an autopsy, and Booth finds the killer before the plane lands.

Angela and Roxie are going away for the weekend to an artist’s retreat. Hodgins is upset, since he and Angela used to be engaged. When they come back, he asks Angela if the thing with Roxie is real. She tells him it is.  Later Angela asks Roxie to move in with her, but Roxie thinks it is too soon.

416 The Salt in the Wounds 
Air date: March 19, 2009
A teenage girl is found dead in a pile of road salt. She was part of a pregnancy pact with her high school volleyball team. A new scientist joins the staff, and when Angela mentions that she and Roxie are getting a dog, the new staffer asks if Angela’s boyfriend’s name is “Rocky.” Bones lets him know that the boyfriend is a girlfriend.

This time it is Roxie who breaks up with Angela, telling her that she needs someone who considers the future, rather than just living in the moment. Hodgins and Angela jump into bed again almost immediately, just sex, no relationship.  (AB)