Our Rating: ★★★☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian character
Short Take: Sex comedy about four gay friends who vow to get laid by the end of the summer, with the help of a lesbian mentor.
Alternate Titles:
Year: 2006
Duration: 92 min
Language: USA/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Todd Stephens
Writer: Tim Kaltenecker, Todd Stephens
Starring: Michael Carbonaro, Jonah Blechman, Jonathan Chase, Mitch Morris, Ashlie Atkinson, Scott Thompson, Graham Norton, Stephanie McVay, John Epperson, James Getzlaff, Angela Oh, Darryl Stephens, Richard Hatch, George Marcy, Matthew Rush

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Another Gay MovieDo you remember Porky’s, the 1980’s film about a group of boys trying to lose their virginity? Or the 1990’s American Pie? Another Gay Movie riffs on these movies about straight adolescents but turns the tables with a sex comedy about four gay friends who vow to get laid by the end of the summer. It’s rude. It’s crude. It’s full of slapstick humor about butt plugs, penis enlargers, enemas, getting poked in the eye through glory holes, Belgian chocolate, the joy of quiche, etc.

Scott Thompson, Graham Norton and Richard Hatch (in the nude) all have roles, in addition to the four young men (Michael Carbonaro, Jonah Blechman, Jonathan Chase and Mitch Morris). The boys’ mentor is Dawn (Ashlie Atkinson, Puccini for Beginners), aka ‘Muffler,’ a ‘bulldyke’ who instructs them on the art of scoring. It would be hard to find a lesbian character who is more obnoxious, and although all of the characters in the film are over the top stereotypes, the overweight, oversexed lesbian who burps just wasn’t very funny for me.

She does have a way with the ladies, including the cheerleading squad and one of the friends’ moms (Stephanie McVay, Edge of Seventeen). In the end, the film also turns into a bit of a romantic comedy with some hot guy on guy sex scenes, although flatulence and sex jokes rule. ‘The moral of the story is, real men take it up the ass.’ (AB)