Our Rating: ★★★☆☆
L Factor: Major lesbian content – 1 episode
Short Take: Aliens in our midst
Alternate Titles:
Year: 1996
Duration: 25 min
Language: USA/English
MPAA: Not Rated
Director: Terry Hughes
Writer: Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Valerie Watson
Starring: John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jane Curtin, Wayne Knight

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3rd Rock from the Sun

A family of aliens is living in a small Ohio town. Disguised as a normal American family, they try to fit in … with comedic results. This is “3rd Rock from the Sun,” a situation comedy that was on the air from 1996 to 2001. Dick (John Lithgow) poses as the oldest man in the group, a university professor, along with his sister Sally (Kristen Johnston) and brother Harry (French Stewart). Joseph Gordon-Levitt rounds out the group, playing Tommy, Dick’s son. One episode is of interest:

509 The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary
Air date: January 11, 2000
Dick’s girlfriend, Dr. Mary Albright (Jane Curtin), reveals that she has been studying the family for the last several years. She wants to make a documentary about them as a typical American family, but they are all concerned about being found out as aliens.

They agree to go along with it, but during the filming, Sally is overheard saying, “I for one don’t want to be exposed.” When asked what that means, Dick blurts out that Sally is a lesbian, and in lieu of a better answer, Sally “admits” that she is.

The next day, Tommy calls her butch and brings her a book on Ohio’s best lesbian hikes. On camera, she tells him that she will be hitting the mall that afternoon to buy some sensible shoes. When Sally’s boyfriend Don (Wayne Knight) comes to pick her up for a date, Mary forces the issue by asking Sally if she has something to tell him. When she says, “You and I have something in common… we both like the ladies,” Don certainly is confused. Finally after the film screens, Sally kisses him and tells him, “You just kissed the gay right out of me!”

Pretending to be a lesbian instead of being exposed as an alien creates a few laughs (especially for the tall and deep voiced Johnston), but many of the lines seem to fall flat. It’s also about the worst of lesbian stereotypes as the butt of a joke. (AB)